Alienware’s Ecosystem Continues To Expand

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    *  New Alienware TactX Mouse and Keyboard offer gamers upper hand in combat
    * Packed with gaming features, customization and personalization
Backup has arrived with the all-new Alienware TactX Mouse and Keyboard, your new arsenal for countless hours of the most intense gameplay ever. Gamers know that top-of-the-line components provide an edge over the competition, and the Alienware TactX Mouse and Keyboard are the ultimate arms in battle for enthusiasts looking for maximum in game control and domination.

The News:

·         Alienware TactX Mouse, available for $99, delivers pinpoint accuracy and split-second in-game reaction times with an ultra fast 5000 DPI adjustable laser engine. Equipped with nine customizable buttons and five different user profiles, gamers will command and conquer their rivals in any game without pause or hesitation.

·         Other key features of the TactX Mouse include: Alienware’s Exclusive AlienFX 20-color customizable lighting, as well as vertical and horizontal scrolling with dual vertical scroll modes.

·         The Alienware TactX Keyboard, also available for $99, features six programmable macro keys and unlimited customizable user profiles that gamers can link to their favorite games so they’re always prepared for battle. The WASD gaming cluster is reinforced with anti-ghosting technology while the keyboard’s Gaming Mode disables the Windows key so nothing stands in the way of victory.

·         Additional TactX Keyboard features include: Full-size keyboard with easy access multimedia controls and removable palm rest, and Alienware’s exclusive AlienFX 20-Color customizable lighting for two zones – offering up to 400 unique color combinations.

Because Alienware knows that the right arsenal means everything, the new Alienware TactX Mouse and Keyboard join forces with the Alienware OptX AW2210 Monitor and the Alienware TactX Headset to construct the perfect gaming ecosystem.

The Alienware OptX AW2210 Monitor, which launched in June and is available for $299, features a 21.5” Full HD screen ideal for the latest-generation games and high-definition movies in glorious 1080p. Boasting a 2ms response time, an 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and support for 16.7 million colors, the monitor will draw gamers into an intense and immersive gaming experience. With sleek lines and dramatic profile it will catch every eye in the room. Features also include:

  • Low Input-Lag for Intense Gaming
  • Tilt, Swivel and Height Adjustable Stand
  • 2 x HDMI ports for output to your computer or your TV for either PC or console gaming sessions
  • 4 x USB 2.0 ports for hassle free connections to mice, keyboards and other peripherals
  • Premium Panel Guarantee for a free full panel exchange if even one bright dot is found

The Alienware TactX Headset is optimized to single out key in-game sounds, enabling gamers to detect gunfire, footsteps, reloads and more with precision clarity. The headset also features a retractable microphone and a comfortable, compact and lightweight design for countless hours of gaming.

  • Closed Circumaural Ear Cups for Long Term Comfort
  • Gold-Plated Connectors for Increased Fidelity
  • 3-Piece Design for Quick Break-Down and Easy Transport
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