Sony Reveals Most U.S. PSN Users Are 28 Years-Old

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Sony has revealed that the primary age of PlayStation Network users in the U.S. is 28 years-old.

Eric Lempel, director of PSN operations at SCEA, also added that most users will have a wife or girlfriend and are likely to be middle to high incoming earners.

"Right now, the user base is] primarily male," Lempel told

"The average age is 28 years old, in usually the middle- to higher-income range. They over-index against those with graduate degrees. But it’s expanding.

"What we’re finding ever since we’ve introduced services like the video download service, we’re getting more of the household on the PlayStation Network.

"Some of the top rentals and sales on the video side have been content that probably doesn’t appeal exactly to that 28-year-old male. It’s more those movies that are geared toward women."

The Sony boss also said that there are now 12.5 million active PSN accounts in America, adding that he hopes to see the figure rise significantly with the release of the PS3 Slim.

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