Halfbrick Rocket Racing Launches On Xbox Live Indie Games

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Halfbrick Rocket Racing has been released on Xbox Live Indie Games, available for purchase for 240 Microsoft Points.

This is now the third game to be released under the Halfbrick Fridays range of casual games.

Halfbrick Rocket Racing’s developer says the title uses a brand new analogue control system using just the left and right triggers. Press each one to power the rockets on each side of the racing craft, and alternate power between the two to turn and drift around over 40 tracks. The rockets will also serve to boost the craft off nearby walls, so the key to achieving the best times is to grind and slide around the perimeters of each track with speed and finesse.

Players can try over 40 unlockable tracks each with four medals to win, with race times uploaded to the Global Leaderboards to see where they rank against the rest of the world. Of course, the true value lies in multiplayer, with up to four players locally on one screen. With such intense speed, precise control and milliseconds between first and second place, multiplayer on Halfbrick Rocket Racing is an experience best served on the couch with likeminded speed freaks!
Check out the tutorial video narrated by Phil Larsen and Luke Muscat of Halfbrick, who explain the system of the game and walk the players through some of the earlier tracks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flHH2okbcKw.

Finally, the second official trailer with a huge variety of single and multiplayer footage:

To keep track of all the Halfbrick updates, visit www.halfbrick.com and subscribe via Twitter, Youtube and Facebook!

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