Arcade-in-a-box Opens Big Box in Tucson

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Arcade-In-A-Box (, is proud to announce that it has opened the Arcade-in-a-Box Tournament Edition Gaming Center. This 1,300 square foot facility features 14 Xbox 360 stations with 24” HD monitors, 2 PlayStation 3 with 42” Plasma HD monitors. While the Tournament Edition Gaming Center is designed to bring Fighter and Shooter fans together to compete in person, it is also connected to the internet via a dedicated T1 for super fast Xbox Live competitions.

Scheduled prize tournaments are organized on a weekly basis. Please visit for information and schedules.

"For the past few years we have been delivering the best hardware to play modern arcade games in the home … but something was missing, " Says Ed Farias, Owner of Arcade-In-A-Box. "These modern games demand a sense of community that is best delivered when you can compete, yell, shout, and congratulate your competitors in person. That’s what our new gaming center is designed to bring about – a next level in bringing the gaming community together."

In addition to the ultimate in modern gaming, the Arcade-in-a-Box Tournament Edition Gaming Center also features a 32” standard definition station for Retro Gaming on, 2 Full-Sized Arcade Cabinets running 2D Fighters and other Retro-Arcade Games

Pricing starts at $4 for 1 hour, Day Passes are $15 Tuesday-Thursday and $20 Friday-Sunday. Fighter fans are also invited to participate in Friday Night Fights!, which includes a $10 Day Pass for fighting games only.

All fighting game stations feature custom Arcade-in-a-Box sticks for the ultimate arcadefighting game experience.

Images of the Arcade-in-a-Box Tournament Edition Gaming Center are available onthe web site: Print quality images are available upon request.

Arcade-in-a-Box Tournament Edition is located at: 1664 S. Research Loop #226, Tucson, AZ,85710. Free Day Passes are available for media and as promotional prizes.

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