Rappelz Epic VI is Coming

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Gala-Net will launch Rappelz Epic VI: Solus Aurum on October 14th on its free-to-play game portal, gPotato.com, in North America.  Epic VI: Solus Aurum brings a brand new dungeon as well as new pets to Rappelz.

In Solus Aurum, players will discover 3 new pets to tame: Octopus, Genie, and the Naga.  The giant Octopus is a pet focused on melee fighting whereas the Genie will be one of the strongest but rarest pets available, bringing fear and destruction upon enemies through ancient desert magic.  Players were introduced to Naga as the fierce monsters from Navislamia, and with the release of Solus Aurum, the Naga are now tameable as a pets.  Players who can bring this warrior wizard to their heels will have this pet’s might on their side in battle. 

In addition to new pets, Solus Aurum brings a brand new dungeon for high level players. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, the Sanctuary will bring new challenges to Rank VI players.  Its ultimate boss, the Solus Aurum Aurumis, is one of the toughest monsters in the game. 

After completing these challenging new battles, players will be able to enter a brand new marketplace, allowing them to buy and sell their loot more efficiently.  Other features, such as a new character creation lobby, will also be included as part of this update.

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