Lost Saga to Kick Off Closed Beta

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Lost Saga, a free-to-play MMO, will be entering Closed Beta on October 8th.  Lost Saga offers gamers a world where heroes from all over the fantasy and science fiction realms face off in combat.  At launch, players can jump into battle with 23 of the hundreds of customizable iconic heroes and limitless battle combinations! Each of these heroes offers a wide range of stats and styles that can be customized, giving each player the opportunity to experience a unique combat experience.
Once they are ready, the heroes can conquer Deathmatch and Team Match as well as many exciting modes that are unique to Lost Saga. Crown Control has players fighting to steal and protect the crown for as long as possible while Prisoner mode lets players knock out and capture rival team members. Power Stone mode finds teams protecting their stone, a powerful relic that increases nearby players’ damage and decreases skill cool down times. Finally, players can find out what it is like to attack heroes as a massive villain in Boss Raid.
While the game is set to launch later this year, players can join the fight early by signing up for the Closed Beta now. Visit http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com to sign up for the Closed Beta. Closed Beta space will be limited, but players who do not make it in can join the Open Beta which is slated to begin in late October 2009.

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