Unreal engine 4 for Next Generation of Consoles

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Mike Capps, Epic Games’ President, recently spoke at the Tokyo Game Show and included some notes about the plans for Unreal Engine 4, stating that it would be ready for the next generation of consoles. He also said that if Gears continues, it won’t be for four years and that will probably fall into the next generation as well


Additionally he added that Epic is opening a Sales office in Tokyo to generate some Unreal Engine business in the region but added that perhaps they too would do some development there later.

Capps also revealed the company is opening an office in Tokyo, with the team primarily focused on sales and support for the Unreal Engine business, although development in the region isn’t out of the question further down the line.

Talking about development he said that a $25 million budget is not how Epic works and that they were able to make GoW2 for less than the original. Considering that they had all the pieces in place and had to work on the game itself that’s not so surprising. That and fewer people, about 15% of standard crews helped them keep costs lower... Too bad that doesn’t translate into cheaper games from them.

You can read more of what he said at both GamesIndustry and Eurogamer.

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