Aion Gets Two New European Servers to Alleviate Long Queues

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NCSoft brilliantly mimicked the North American launch flub here in Europe. So you NA players don’t have to feel like you were the only ones cheated. However, even though NCSoft claims that only certain servers have been flooded (they said ’the popular ones’ which would be logical), they have announced they will open two new servers, but for European players.

One server will be in English, the other in French. Apparently those are the two dominant languages of the players here in Europe. Maybe the Germans didn’t hear that the game was coming as they’re generally a large market here in the EU.

So now, even though NCSoft told us that these problems were only for the pre-order rush, we see yet more problems. Will two new servers be enough to knock down the server queues and allow thousands more to enjoy the game? Perhaps, or perhaps you’ll just wait in a different queue for a slightly lower amount of time.

Having problems getting into Aion? Drop us a line and let us know about it. The servers can only handle approximately 10% of the players who pre-ordered, I don’t see this problem going away anytime soon. Sorry NCSoft, looks like you get the Worst MMO Launch Ever title to go along with your self-proclaimed Biggest MMO Launch of the Year or whatever it was.

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