Direct2Drive Turns 5, Great Deals on PC Titles

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Direct2Drive, the UK’s leading digital download specialist, is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a £5 promotion that is setting record levels of traffic on its site. Styled the ‘Direct2Drive Turns 5’ promotion, PC gamers are being offered five weeks of themed promotions that have major titles being offered for £5 within a limited time.
Large numbers of UK gamers have already taken advantage of the promotion during the strategy, action and MMO/RPG weeks and now similar levels of interest is expected over the next two weeks that will feature indie games (live tomorrow) and then EA games (live on 6th October).
Major titles that feature in the promotion include:

Civ 4
EVE online
Max Payne
Titan Quest Bundle

“We’ve assembled a fantastic line up of games at an amazing price that enables our customers to celebrate or 5th anniversary with us. We’re expecting big numbers as we head to the final week which features a stunning range of EA games, all at £5,” commented Rich Keen, Marketing Director at Direct2Drive UK.
Full details of the promotion can be found at:

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