Tekken 6 What Will You Fight For?

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The folks over in the Tekken 6 corner (in the red trunks) have launched a new site titled What Will You Fight for? The set piece of the site looks to be a series of videos with various people fighting of course. What are they fighting for? Well I guess you’ll need to check out the site and the video to find out.

The game, which is set for release on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 is set for a 30 October release with a PSP version that doesn’t have a firm release date yet. Considering launch is 4 weeks away there will probably be four videos in the series.

I also managed to dig up this image (see right) which is not included in this first video and features what looks like two women fighting over...a shoe. This must be in one of the other videos that are coming. The videos are highly stylized and at times it seems like mo-capped people while at others it seems like live action footage. The video is in Japanese with English subtitles and considering it’s Tekken, this is no surprise at all now is it?

I imagine that the people in the videos will represent characters that have been revealed including - Alisa Bosconovich, the Russian research subject, Eddie Gordo the Brazilian Capoiera fighter, Marshall Law, Lars Alexandersson, Yoshimitsu, Christie Monteiro, Devil Jin, Dragunov, Hwoarang, King, Craig Marduk, Nina Williams and some 30 others for 40 or so playable characters. 

The site is also promoting The King of Iron Fist Tournament in the UK, something called Tekken Talk on Twitter (easy enough to figure out I imagine). I went  over to Twitter and found an account called Tekken Talk which I imagine might be partly involved. But I imagine it will be involved in things shortly.

GDN has also been told that a Twitter version of a Tekken game is in the works. We haven’t got any further details on that at present but it could be an interesting way to pass some time while at work. It looks like things are gearing up for an ass kicking at the end of October.

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