Studios Team up for Fire Safety Week October 4-10 2009

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Epicenter Studios, developers of Real Heroes: Firefighter for Wii, in partnership with Crave Entertainment and Conspiracy Entertainment, today announced that they have joined forces with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network for Fire Safety Week October 4-10 2009.

This press release has an accompanying Smart Marketing Page providing further details about the organization, products and services introduced below. You can access the Smart Marketing Page via the following link:

“Bringing attention to fire safety and the tremendous work the firefighting community does to keep our homes, neighborhoods and businesses safe is very important to all of us involved with the development of Real Heroes: Firefighter,” said Nathaniel McClure, co-founder, Epicenter Studios. “We are thrilled that our partners at Crave and Conspiracy joined us in our efforts to promote fire safety and support firefighters and their families through Real Heroes: Firefighter game sales.”

Real Heroes: Firefighter puts players in the role of a probationary firefighter getting their start in a big city fire station. Developed by Epicenter Studios under the advisement of real firefighters, the game delivers an authentic firefighting experience where the enemy is a living, breathing fire. The fire comes to life through Epicenter’s “Thinking Fire Technology” system which recreates authentic fire behavior and responses. Players will gain hands-on experience with the dangers of fire and have the opportunity to utilize the powerful hoses, axes, saws, hydraulic spreaders and other real-life fire-fighting tools through the use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls. In addition, players will be presented with real fire safety tips for use in their everyday life as they progress through the game.

To honor the firefighting community and all that they do, Epicenter and Crave have committed to monetary donations to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN). Epicenter will be making a donation based on each copy of the game sold while Crave has committed to a predetermined contribution. FCSN is a national organization created to raise awareness about the importance of cancer prevention and screening among firefighters. In addition, FCSN’s mentor program brings the many firefighters who are diagnosed with and in treatment for cancer-related illnesses together to share information about doctors, treatment options and their experiences. FCSN will be included in all promotional materials tied to Real Heroes: Firefighter and Crave has sent 1500 complimentary copies of the game to firehouses across the country as a thank you to the real heroes.

“I was really surprised and quite pleased when Firefighter Cancer Support Network was contacted about the game,” said Michael Dubron, Los Angeles County Firefighter Paramedic/ Founder and President of Firefighter Cancer Support Network. “In addition to being grateful for the support, we were happy to contribute to the game’s design as a fun way for kids and families to learn fire safety.”

Real Heroes: Firefighter is “Rated E-10” and available at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99. More information about Real Heroes: Firefighter can be found at

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