Combat Arms Europe Adds Game Mode – Elimination Pro

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Combat Arms Europe, NEXON Europe’s popular free-to-play online first-person-shooter with more than 80,000 enthusiastic players, brings today another striking addition to its game modes – Elimination Pro. In this new challenge, players are allowed only one life per round and are teamed up in two teams to fight off each other. The goal is to score a point by killing all of the opposing team before the time runs out, and the team that reaches the score goal first ultimately wins the game.

Elimination-Pro is available on most existing maps and is designed as a further advanced version of the popular Elimination Mode, demanding soldiers’ precise skills and detailed teamwork on the battlefields.

With today’s update, the game also offers an array of new powerful machineries and gears such as AK-74M and RPK-74, available amongst others from the in-game cash shop “Black Market”.



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