PSP Go Price Drops in UK?

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Retailers have voiced their opinion on the price point of the Sony PSP GO and have shown disappointment in the margins on the unit. Now, it seems, some are fed up with the price altogether in the UK on Sony’s latest Playstation Portable, the PSP go.

At least four major retailers in the country have lowered the price of the PSP Go to £199, which is £25 less than the original price. The retailers include GAME,, Amazon and HMV. 

Generally this would denote flagging sales, but Sony swears that sales of the unit are up 120%. Of course 120% of bad would still be bad in most regards. In the Czech Republic they’re set to be released tomorrow at JRC (owned by game) for 6,390 Czech Crowns, about 249 Euro. The new UK price (with the discount) is about 215 Euro.

Sony has even stated that the PSP Go sales are lower than the PSP-3000 which has a lower price tag. Of course if they have about the same functionality and the 3000 can still use UMD discs, that would make sense no? Why fork out more cash for less functionality?

All across the board it looks like another less than stellar product launch for the Big Black. Of course the PS3 Slim sold like gangbusters so at least they broke the streak of poor launches.

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