Mercenary Wars Maps Revealed

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Uforia, an online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online games, today announced the challenge maps that will be featured in its upcoming Online Military FPS, Mercenary Wars. From a museum filled with treasures to an overthrown Mosque, to a restaurant with secret meeting rooms, the dynamic maps of Mercenary Wars ensure unique and varied challenges at every turn. Visit to check out exclusive videos and screen shots, download the game guide, register for the next closed beta and more.

"We are pleased to reveal the interesting maps of Mercenary Wars as we continue to develop its unique gaming experience leading up to its official launch," said Chris Keswani, Marketing Manager of Uforia. "The five maps that we’ve created differ dramatically from one another, allowing players to truly experience the challenge and excitement of adapting into the dynamic environments throughout their quest."

Maps of Mercenary Wars:

  • Sweden Although based in North America, the International Hessian Order (IHO) has a secondary base in Sweden. This country initially provided protection for the IHO in exchange for a percentage of natural resources that the organization recovered from their battles. After a short time, the IHO overthrew the Swedish government, seized their military assets and established the formerly peaceful country as their secondary base when away from their North American headquarters.
  • The Museum This public-use facility houses a variety of valuable treasures ranging from the time of the Dinosaurs to the time of the Pharaohs and even more modern exhibits. Located in Africa, it is the main stronghold of the Continental African Mercenary League. This organization uses this once-popular facility as both a training camp and also as the main location for strategic planning purposes.
  • Mosque This former Mosque has been transformed into a training arena by the Medjay Mercenary Unit. This group of Middle Eastern Mercenaries decided to over-throw the peaceful monarch and replaced it with their "kill for hire" rule of law. This building allows for a multitude of different fighting scenarios that helps the Medjay prepare for battle against their enemies.
  • The Restaurant This dining establishment is located in the middle of the territory belonging to United Asian Front (UAF). Members of this Asian-based mercenary group frequented this restaurant to conduct business with a variety of arms dealers and other questionable suppliers. The restaurant offers multiple rooms which this organization used for a variety of uses in its heyday and now serves as a good place to confront their enemies when they are on the UAF’s home turf.
  • The Factory This building is the main facility for the Mercenarios Unidad del Americas (M.U.A.) and acts as their most important logistical component in their many businesses. Since their territory ranged throughout the entire South American region, this large facility is strategically located to be able to supply members of this organization quickly with arms and other resources needed to push back their rivals.

Other maps will be added throughout the Closed Beta process. Screen shots can be found in the Game’s gallery.

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