Akatsuki Antagonists Revealed for Clash of the Ninja Revolution 3

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The Akatsuki characters in the game are easily distinguished by their menacing black cloaks and eerie red clouds, and pack an arsenal of fighting power and jutsu that makes them dangerous adversaries and lethal opponents. A brief description of each character is below:

Itachi Uchiha makes good use of his clones in battle, as well as a healthy dose of genjutsu. One of his unique attacks is the aerial crow-kunai; it’s unique because instead of simply throwing them at the enemy, he teleports immediately to the ground below after releasing the projectiles. A similar teleportation technique - Itachi’s back and strong attack, will transport him to the backside of his opponent to work around blocking.

Kisame Hoshigaki is very lethal when he can get in close to the opponent. Not only does he inflict a huge amount of damage but his Sharkskin sword attacks drain chakra, and he has the ability to summon a clone who will subdue an opponent with Water Prison Jutsu for a bunch of free hits. But even distance isn’t completely safe; watch out for Kisame’s Water Shark Bomb Jutsu and its tremendous range.

Hiruko is a very slow character but the reach of his tail makes him very dangerous.  He may skulk about while walking, but mid-combo the tail will swipe very quickly and can do a ton of damage. He has the passive benefit of his projectile needles not being deflectable like ordinary kunai. He can also use his back strong ability to poison his opponent which drains life and inverts their controls.

Deidara makes use of his explosive clay creations and most Deidara players will attack from a distance. Sending out explosive spiders and birds is key as it forces his opponent to shift awareness to these bombs. In latent ninja mode, they are even more lethal - he will drop three times as many explosives, and the spiders will track the enemy. Running into these pests are dangerous enough, but if he detonates them within range, you’re toast!

Sasori is a really cool character with a nice variety in his move set. He has strong melee attacks that utilize his mechanical "wings" to do heavy close damage, or long ranged attacks with the cord that comes out of his abdomen. He can also use forward strong attack to spout a stream of fire at the enemy, and can be held for extra damage at the cost of some chakra.

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