Blaze 2-player SEGA Mega Drive

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Dust off your old cartridges and prepare for retro heaven, “The Megadrive is back!”

Blaze announced the "all new" BLAZE Sega Megadrive Two Player Console with 15 fully licensed Sega games!

This hot new gadget follows the massively successful BLAZE Sega Megadrive LCD handheld which struck a huge chord with us retro gamers, leaving us yearning for more super cool 90’s action.

The latest BLAZE console gets one step closer to the original Sega Megadrive we all know and love as not only does it come supplied with 15 awesome classic Sega games built in, but also has the ability to play our original Sega Megadrive games from any region.

Somewhere in the attic of most 90’s kids will be a stack of abandoned Megadrive cartridges hidden under a decades worth of junk. Now is the perfect time to dust them off and fall in love once again with the graphically simple yet ridiculously addictive games of the Legendary Sega Megadrive!

For those who regrettably sold your Megadrive cartridges to fuel your new Playstation 1 or Gamecube habits will be delighted to hear that all is not lost. The new BLAZE Sega Megadrive 2 Player console comes with 15 absolute classics which include Sonic & Knuckles, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe, Shadow dancer and Altered Beast!

This latest retro console from BLAZE is as simple to use as the original Sega Megadrive, coming supplied with two controllers and all the necessary TV cables for big screen head to head 16 bit action.

The full 15 built in games are:

Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Gain Ground, Alex Kidd, Arrow Flash, Columns, Crack Down, Sonic & Knuckles, Bonanza Bros. Eswat, Golden Axe, Fatal Labyrinth, Flicky, Decap Attack, and Shadow Dancer.

All this 90’s retro Megadrive nostalgia can be yours for the price of £39.99, the price of a single cartridge back in the day!

More information about this latest BLAZE Megadrive can be found at

Buy it now from or .

The Key Features:

  • 15 fully licensed Sega Megadrive games built in
  • Plays original Sega Megadrive cartridges
  • Connects directly to your TV for big screen retro action
  • 2 Player intuitive twin controllers
  • Simple plug and play functionality

That’s really just a regular Mega Drive with games pre-loaded. One might go to eBay and buy a system and a stack of games for the same price. Interesting how they make it sound like the controllers are amazing! Is Blaze becoming the Knockoff King of the gaming industry? Did you see their Wiimote-like motion controller for the PS3?

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