ROCCAT Adds Kova Pure Performance Gaming Mouse to Product List

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ROCCAT, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of professional gaming accessories, launches the ROCCAT KOVA PURE PERFORMANCE GAMING MOUSE – the third product from its Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS). Equipped with a 3200dpi optical sensor, the high-performance mouse zips over almost any desktop like a sports car. Thanks to the unique V-shape, which allows the mouse to fit ergonomically into any shaped hand, the ROCCAT Kova makes an impressive impact with its sporty ergostealth-look. Fine-tuned for pure performance, the mouse’s color and resolution can be customized to suit individual preferences at the press of a button – with no need to use additional software. First-person shooter gamers in particular will find everything they’re looking for – the exceptionally responsive and precise tracking, low-weight and high-quality finish make the ROCCAT Kova a first-class FPS and RTS mouse.


The extremely high-performance optical sensor in the ROCCAT Kova has been specially developed for gaming – and FPS gamers in particular. It offers the highest precision tracking on almost any surface at a resolution of up to 3200dpi. What’s more, the optical sensor’s technology reduces the dreaded pick-up-flight problem to a minimum. That’s why optical sensors of this type have been very popular among gamers for years now. The ROCCAT Kova is especially effective when used in conjunction with the ROCCAT Sota Granular Gaming Mousepad which features an integrated metal film – a highly reflective layer that delivers faultless tracking. Even with up to 20Gs of acceleration, faultless tracking is ensured in any gaming situation – and mouse movements are transmitted with no delay.


The compact ROCCAT Kova makes an impressive impact, simultaneously combining a sporty stealth-look with the best possible ergonomics. The unique V-shape, with its raised ridge on the top of the mouse which is designed to fit into the palm of the hand, accommodates almost any hand shape or size – regardless of whether it’s the left or the right.


The mousewheel, with its distinct notch positions, features a hardwearing rubberized coating. In addition, the ROCCAT Kova has Griptech side grips, the rubberized areas of which offer optimum hold and comfort and which guarantee total slip-resistance and the ultimate in grip. As a result, the mouse remains securely in the hand, fitting like a glove, even in heated gaming situations.


Just like the prize-winning Kone Max Customization Gaming Mouse, ROCCAT has also kitted out the Kova with a fully customizable lighting system. The multi-colored LEDs are easily adjusted just by pressing specific button combinations. This allows a variety of colors to be selected, which can then be configured to light-up, rotate or pulse slowly in ‘breathing mode’. The impressive light effects will cast an atmospheric aura on any desktop.


As there’s no need to install any software, the ROCCAT Kova can simply be plugged into the PC or Mac and used straight away. Its 5(+2) buttons come preset with the most popular functions – and they can be individually configured simply by pressing different button combinations. For instance, the mouse’s DPI setting as well as the lighting can be configured at the press of a button – and it’s just as easy to switch between left and right-handed mode.


The multi-colored LEDs also help indicate the DPI setting. The ROCCAT Kova features a four-step resolution setting of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200dpi. The mouse provides direct feedback when switching between these steps and confirms the setting change by flashing twice in a specific color.


With the ROCCAT Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS), the Studios are presenting an innovative concept which allows the typical gamer desktop to be organized perfectly. SDMS products are a byword for pure performance coupled with unique functionality and an ingenious, aggressively-angular and at the same time simple design. The range of perfectly coordinated accessories comprises four components, each available separately, but which make an unbeatable set when put together.

ROCCAT SDMS components that are already available include the ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee as well as the ROCCAT Sota Granular Gaming

A third product has now been added to the line-up in the form of the ROCCAova Pure  T KPerformance Gaming Mouse. It’ll be available from retailers across Europe from the
beginning of November for the RRP of €49.99.


  • 3200DPI PRO-OPTIC GAMING SENSOR- Specially developed optical sensor
  • DRIVERLESS CONFIGURATION - For rapid use and simple operation
  • 20G of ACCELERATION - Ensures fluid and precise movements
  • ERGONOMIC V-SHAPE - Suitable for right or left-handers
  • ROCCAT GRIPTECH SIDE GRIPS - With non-slip stabilization zones
  • NON-SLIP MOUSEWHEEL - For optimum grip + comfort – plus distinct notch positions
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LIGHTING SYSTEM - Choose your own favorite custom color + lighting effects
  • DPI-CHANGE FEEDBACK - LEDs indicate the selected dpi setting
  • 5(+2) MOUSE BUTTONS - Preset with the most important main functions
  • FULL SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY - Mac and Windows compatible
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