Bring It and Win a Piece of $1000 at BringIt

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$1000 Cash Prize Tournaments are up on BringIt!

BringIt has posted two, 64 Man, Madden NFL 10  Tourneys with a 1st place Prize of $800.00  and a 2nd place prize of$200.00!!!

PS3:   Tournament 989

XBOX360:   Tournament 988

NBA2K 10 Tourney with a 1st  place Prize of $400.00 and a 2nd  place Prize of $100.00!!!

Tournament 990

Tourneys this good should NOT be passed up! Entry fee is ONLY $16 for Madden and ONLY $9 NBA!

Only ONE Bracket of 64...that’s ONLY 5 games to the final!

Wherever you see "Earn funds by completing offers," you can whip through offers and get immediate money to play with.

In : PC

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