NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 Game Modes and Changes

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Wake-Up Attack

Wake-up attack has been severely toned down since last time. It used to be 100% invulnerable; from START to FINISH and cost no chakra meter. People would ABUSE this move to get out of just about every situation and it made the other defensive options (i.e. tech-roll and wake-up teleport) virtually useless.

Now, it still costs no chakra meter but is only invulnerable during the start-up animation prior to the attack portion. This allows the move to be punished if predicted but still gives an offensive advantage to the player who risks using this move at the right time.


The pressure in CoNR3 has come a long way since last time. It used to be extremely easy to escape combo string by simply sidestepping or back stepping at any random time. You were even able to randomly attack out of people’s combos.


Now, sidesteps, back steps and attack properties have all been adjusted to allow the right amount of pressure and escape-ability with the right timing. If you try and sidestep at the wrong time, BAM – free combo! If you try to attack at the wrong time – you’ll get stuffed. However, if you know your opponent’s combos at what to look for a carefully placed sidestep or attack can turn the tide of battle.

Custom Throws

Lots more characters have custom throws and we’ve included the universal “flip” throw or an alternative “slam” throw for all characters to maintain their historical attack options.

Latent Ninja Powers

Latent Ninja Powers is a system of passive “ninja powers” that enhance each character in unique ways as they approach death. In previous games, when a character would enter Crisis Mode, they would gain access to a new jutsu or transformation state; for example Naruto’s Nine-tailed Fox. In CoNR3, as characters get closer to the end of their life gauge (~20% or so; it varies for each character) not only will they be able to access new jutsu but they will experience more subtle effects that, if used strategically, can make the difference between win or lose.

LNP’s can affect EVERYTHING. From adding new moves, to chakra cost of certain moves, to strength of moves, tracking properties, guard crush properties and special armor effects.

Other “Cool” Mechanics/Properties

  • Back+Weak Attack
  • Cancels
  • Transformations Cancels
  • SidestepRun
  • Back-Turned Running Sidestep
  • Super/Hyper Armor

 Game Modes

Story Mode

Play through the first story arc of NARUTO Shippuden in an episodic game mode.

VS Mode

Compete in a variety of exhibition matches against the computer or your friend(s).


  • 1 v 1 Battles

  • 2 v 2 “2-Man-Squad” Battles (Tag Battle)

    • This mode works with 2 players OR 4 players NEW!

  • 1 ~ 4 Player ‘free-for-all’ or team battles (free for all, 2v2, 1v3, etc.)

Survival Mode

With the same health bar, compete against a series of opponents, one after the other.

Time Attack

See how many enemies you can defeat before time runs out.

Score Attack

Try and earn the top score through ten successive battles.

Kumite Mode

Fend off a multitude of Rogue Ninja that keep attacking until your health bar is depleted. Treats will drop to help replenish your character’s health.

Mission Mode

Complete up to ten character specific missions, per character, under special contextual conditions.

Wi-Fi Battle Mode NEW!

Access Wi-Fi Battle Mode within the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection menu option. Compete against other players in head to head or Two Man Squad battles online. Fight in ranked matches with a standardized rule set, or an exhibition match with flexible rules set by the host. View and customize your Friend and Rival rosters to compete against known enemies, or jump into a random match against an unknown opponent.


  • Ranked Matches

  • Friend Matches

  • Rival Matches

  • Random Matches

  • Leader boards

Straight from the developers and a recent conference call.


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