Dragonica Emporia War Details

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Emporia War is an arena for guilds of the powerful to settle old scores and establish new rivalries. This guild-versus-guild battleground pits a maximum of twenty-five guild members on either side against each other. As a prize for their triumph, the guild that wins the battle will lay claim to Emporia, a private city in Dragonica Online. However, this is not a permanent prize since the champion guild can be challenged by other clans looking to claim the city for themselves.

Emporia War lasts for 30 minutes. Points are granted for killing the opposing guild’s members and destroying Sub Cores. Every ten seconds, all dead characters respawn and can continue to fight. The opposing guild’s Main Core is the primary target. The first guild to destroy their opponent’s Main Core wins the match regardless of the score.

Emporia War introduces two new environments to the world of Dragonica. The first is a fog-covered courtyard, where the battle takes place. It’s covered in night and dimly lit by a full, pale moon. The second is Emporia, which is bathed in light and has a giant colorful pagoda ringed by mist and floating lotus blossoms at its center.

The first battle will take place on October 15th at 7:00 PM PST and at the same time, every Thursday thereafter, the gauntlet will be thrown down and the Emporia War will commence!

To take part in Dragonica Online’s Emporia War and find out all the battle details please register at, http://dragonica.thqice.com.


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