Soon You Can Duke Nukem in HD and More

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You all know the old joke right? Duke Nukem didn’t die, he’s just getting more definition... Well OK, it’s not that good. Anyway, the Duke-heads have been hard at work on some interesting stuff as I found out thanks to the place where old games are DRM-Free and digitally deliverable (we like them so we plug them).

Anyway, it seems that there are some mods in the works based on Good Old Duke (er, G.O.D?) which include the following:

  • High Resolution Mod - from sprites to 3D models
  • DukePlus - New features, New Weapons and New Maps...NEW NEW NEW
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction - A new way to play with RPG elements
  • Infestation in Time - Another total conversion with new levels, weapons, etc...

So you see, Duke Nukem is anything but dead and is truly 3D now. IF you’re looking for a game to make you say "Oh yeah!" then head over to GOG and get Duke Nukem 3D, then to can check the Duke Nukem 3d  forum thread, and EDuke32 sites for these updates, downloads and side-looks.

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