Kalypso Gives you Unlimited Space

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It’s really a massive collection of sci-fi games available from them, but it sounded cool there didn’t it?

Kalypso Media have today confirmed that the Space Unlimited Compilation will be releasing on the 23rd October for PC DVD. The space themed compendium contains four bestselling titles; the worldwide blockbuster Sins of a Solar Empire, the award winning strategy game Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate Edition and sci-fi action games Star Assault and Darkstar One.

Assume absolute control over one of three galactic powers and fight the ultimate battle. Winner of IGN.com Editors Choice Award, 91% PC Zone Classic, PC Gamer Editors Choice Award and Gamespy Editors Choice Awards as well as hitting the number 1 spot in the US charts.

The Ultimate Edition contains the full version of the award winning space strategy game and the two add ons. Winner of numerous awards including 92% PC Zone Classic and Gamespy ‘PC turn based strategy game of the year 2006‘.

Take command of a high-tech spaceship and engage in over 30 dangerous missions set across three star systems. Upgrade your ship with new weapons, sheilds and propulsion to aid you in your quests.

Darkstar One is an epic space action simulation. Travel through the endless universe as a trader, pirate or mercenary and take part in challenging missions across the universe.

Space Unlimited Compilation will be released on 23rd October and will retail for £19.99 SRP.

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