Panzer General Assaults XBLA Today

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Today, Ubisoft announced that Panzer General Allied Assault is available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Panzer General Allied Assault takes place during the last months of World War II, when the Allies were pushing the Germans back to their lands. In this unique turn based strategy game, with its own personalized deck of 60 cards the player recreates history by fighting this world conflict most famous battles: Utah Beach, Operation Market Garden and even the Battle of the Bulge.

Available for 800 Microsoft points, Panzer General Allied Assault features not only an immersive single player campaign but also an online player versus player mode.

Now I’ve been playing this for review which will publish tomorrow and I have to say, it’s great and I love the board game feel of it. It’s going to be a physical board game as well early next year so that’s something else to look forward to.

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