Dragonica to Get Collectible Pre-Paid Cards

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It’s free-to-play but you have to pay for these cards...

As part of the official launch of the critically acclaimed, free-to-play MMO Dragonica™ Online (http://dragonica.thqice.com), THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) and THQ*ICE today announced a new line of collectible prepaid cards available at participating retailers nationwide.

Available starting October 6th, the Dragonica Online prepaid card series will revolve around in-game elements, and will come in values of $10 and $25. The first element series to launch, the Water Series, the Fire Series, and the Earth Series, will each include four different collectible cards, each depicting key characters and scenarios from the game. Fans who purchase a $25 card receive an exclusive digital Dragonica Online comic book based on the element of that particular card plus a secret bonus item when they redeem the cards for ICE Cash. ICE Cash is the in-game, virtual currency that can be used to purchase items that customize a player’s Dragonica Online character and gameplay experience.

The Dragonica Online prepaid card collection will be further expanded and enhanced with the release of a new card series as well as special edition cards approximately every quarter. Special edition cards will reward players with rare in-game armor and items.

Prepaid cards are a great way to further promote the game with our growing fan base, and an ideal way to capture offline traffic,” said Wim Stocks , Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships. “Our primary audience for Dragonica Online is teen boys and girls who generally don’t have credit cards at their immediate disposal, so prepaid cards purchased at retail become the ideal means for them to get involved in the game, providing them access to in-game currency (ICE Cash) and items to expand their enjoyment and customize their experience within the game. Additionally, the serialization of the cards will bring added collectability and fun to the Dragonica Online prepaid cards; fans will want to own the entire set.”

Developed by Barunson Interactive, Dragonica Online is the first MMO to merge fast-paced combat, 3D side-scrolling and a hilarious, yet devastating, skill system. Players can join the quest to vanquish the threat of evil; explore a fantastical world rife with monsters to battle, challenges to overcome and adventures to discover.

Rated ‘E10+’ for Everyone over the age of 10, fans can register to play Dragonica Online at http://dragonica.thqice.com, follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/dragonicathqice or join on Facebook at http://facebook.com/dragonica.

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