UK Nintendo Downloads Week of 23 Oct, 2009

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NINTENDO DSiWARE – A Little Bit of… Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: Arts Edition

(Nintendo, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)

Dr Kawashima brings his popular brain exercise software to Nintendo DSi, with fun, new features and the return of many Brain Training favourites!

A Little Bit of... Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: Arts Edition features various challenges based on words, pictures and music that you can use regularly to keep your brain sharp in just a few minutes a day.

As well as training, you can also relax with a game of Germ Buster. Or try the new Themes Mode, where you can practise your acting and drawing skills using Nintendo DSi’s camera functionality, Touch Screen and microphone!

NINTENDO DSiWARE - Combat of Giants: Dragons - Bronze Edition

(Ubisoft, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)

As last of the noble rare Bronze Dragons, you must defeat the evil SALMU dragons and reclaim the 25 exclusive bronze gems they stole. Explore 10 maps, travel through the great jungles of Earth, the scorched grounds of Fire, the frozen wastelands of Ice and the floating islands of Wind.

Customise your dragon’s appearance by changing its body, wings, tail shape, colours and even add stripes. Test your dragon’s fighting skills against your friends in head-to-head combat or 4 player tournaments.

WiiWARE - PictureBook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure

(Nintendo, 800 Wii Points)

PictureBook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure is a board game with a difference: instead of using a typical game board, it takes place in an animated pop-up book complete with charming paper cut-out characters.

Rather than rolling dice to move around the board, you use cards with a variety of effects. You’ll also collect coins along the way, which you can use to buy more cards or to cash in at the end of the game for bonus points.

Up to four players can join the action, playing as fun characters like the pirate Silver or the ninja Ninzo. Challenge your friends or computer opponents (or a combination of the two), but watch out: you might stumble across the Magic Tome, whose mysterious effects can turn the game around entirely!


(SEGA, 800 Wii Points)

Here’s a bit of helpful advice to all you criminal organisations out there: if you’re going to hatch an elaborate plot that involves kidnapping children, don’t kidnap children that have ninjas for parents! That was the big mistake that the group Zeed made when it went after the offspring of the Oboro clan.

Now Joe Musashi is on the hunt, rescuing the young hostages and taking out Zeed’s leaders, the “Ring of Five”. Joe must scour each stage, leaving no child behind, as he can’t proceed to the next level without freeing them all.

With an unlimited supply of shuriken, his sharpened katana, and his deadly fists and feet, Joe will show Zeed why you don’t mess with family!

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