PureSim Baseball 2 Pre-World Series Update

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Wolverine Studios announces the release of a FREE update to PureSim Baseball 2 for customers just in time for the World Series. Improvements include major upgrades to the general manager AI, streamlined off-season tasks, full automatic expansion and division realignment from 1900-2009 for historical simulations as well as dozens more tweaks to gameplay and the already massive list of in game reports.

The biggest addition in this update is the inclusion of the 2009 player stats. What better way to relive the memories of the 2009 season as it comes to a close than to replay them for yourself? See for yourself if you could have guided your favorite team to the World Series or even give yourself a preview of how PureSim thinks the final matchup will unfold!

For more information on or to purchase PureSim Baseball 2 please visit our website at www.wolverinestudios.com

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