BradyGames Tekken 6 Official Strategy Guide Helps you KO the Competition

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BradyGames unveils the official strategy guide for Tekken 6. The world’s best-selling fighting game franchise returns with its best incarnation yet and this guide will lead players through the entire game.

Tekken 6 is the largest and most graphically lush entry in the 15-year-old series, boasting 18 stages, 41 fighters, virtually endless wardrobe and hairstyle customization options, and Scenario Campaign. Like the Tekken Force modes of past titles, Scenario Campaign is a game unto itself, containing over 35 stages of old-school brawler action. The amount of content is overwhelming, but our guide is here to help! From basic controls, to advanced movement and input techniques, to new systems like Rage and Bound, we provide a full breakdown of the terms and complex gameplay mechanics of Tekken 6. Complete tips and secrets for Scenario Campaign are also included, along with full customization options. Finally, full movelists are provided for every combatant in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, along with competitive tactics and devastating combos to unleash on friends (or rivals!) in person or online

“We’re huge fans of the Tekken series at BradyGames and are thrilled to be working with Namco Bandai on Tekken 6,” said Mike Degler, Licensing Director at BradyGames. “Fans who want to experience everything this incredible game has to offer should make sure to pick up our Signature Series guide when they buy the game.”

The Tekken 6 Signature Series Strategy Guide is a must have for fans of the franchise. The game and the guide are available today nationwide.

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