Blood Moon Rises over Champions Online

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Atari and Cryptic Studios, developers of Champions Online and Star Trek Online, announced today the upcoming Blood Moon Halloween Event. On October 27, 2009, zombies, werewolves and an ancient evil will take over the Champions Universe.

"We’ve been putting together some great missions in Blood Moon," said Bill Roper, Executive Producer on Champions Online. "This sort of thing is pure pleasure for us to do, and we can’t wait to see our players taking on the forces of evil."

Players will battle against the armies of the Arch Lich Takofanes as he mounts an assault on the Champions Universe. Among other missions, gamers will have a chance to free the souls of 13 undead superheroes from vile servitude under Takofanes, which will unlock the new Celestial power set focused on healing and support.

In the Zombie Apocalypse, one component of the Blood Moon event, fallen heroes can come back as part of an undead army. In the BITE event, another such component, players can become werewolves or werewolf hunters in a fight to rule Monster Island.

Gamers everywhere will be able to enjoy the Blood Moon event for free between October 30 and November 2. To learn more about the Blood Moon event and to sign up for the free weekend, please visit: and

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