A Platform Game for Guitar Controllers

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Pieces Interactive is certainly putting the pieces in place on some cool sounding titles. The first up is a platform game aimed at your Guitar controller

Fret Nice is a unique platform game with a distinct art style, a lot of great music and support for all guitars controllers out there. Fret Nice is the first platform game ever to be played with a guitar controller. The game will be available from Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network in early 2010

- “We felt sorry for gamers who bought a guitar only to be used for pure music games, so we made a platform game for them! Fret Nice is the perfect blend of two worlds.” says Pieces Interactive CEO Johan Hellberg.

Pieces is an up-and-coming Swedish developer that has quickly garnered attention to their titles. Their unique style and innovative game mechanics, blended with great music has become a signature trademark.

- “The game industry is under a lot of stress, we have to differentiate our products against the competition. Fret Nice looks and feels like nothing else!” says Johan.

Pieces is also hard at work on two brand new IPs, Walkie Tonky - a destructive walk ‘em up and Kindle – The kite in the sky, an ambitious aerobatic adventure with innovative character control and edgy subject matter. The goal is to sign a publisher for the titles this year as well as showing prototypes of the games at Games Connection in Lyon, France in December.

“Pieces is always pushing forward and growing, and we are ready to take on bigger productions and new challenges. Kindle is an ambitious project that will take the company to a new level. Its bold concept, slick mechanics and original character design is something we are very proud of.” says Calle Kyhlberg, Game Director for Kindle – The kite in the sky.

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