Xbox 360 Controller First Aid Kit

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VIEW DETAILS A new, innovative product from Talismoon. Save money, and keep on playing!

If your Xbox 360 controller is losing some life, its time to administer some First Aid. The First Aid Kit includes new rubber mats for your controller, as well as replacement thumbsticks with potentiometers.

Product description :

Bring your old controller back to life. This first aid kit fixes two basic problems. Fix the problem with "dead buttons" by replacing the rubber pads that the buttons rest on. After several years of heavy gaming, these pads can wear out and not provide the "spring" back that they onces did. Replacing the rubber mats is easy and requires on the most basic skill. This kit also includes replacement thumbsticks assembly. This includes the mechanism for the thumbsticks plus the potentiometers that work with the mechanism. Replacing the thumbstick mechanisms requires intermediate soldering skills.

Specifications :

1 set of rubber mats for your controller. This includes 2 different shapes.
2 thumbstick replacement mechanisms.

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