Web-based Guns of Icarus Available

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Today Muse Games, an independent developer of console quality browser-based videogames, has released its debut title, Guns of Icarus. This groundbreaking title lets a player or a group of players defend a mighty zeppelin against a myriad of enemies out to steal precious cargo, all within a richly detailed steampunk world.

“We strongly feel the potential for high quality browser-based 3D games has barely been scratched, especially in the multiplayer realm,” said Austin Lane, Co-Founder of Muse Games. “Guns of Icarus is our first effort to change that.”

Developed utilizing the Unity engine, Guns of Icarus takes place in a dystopian future where the only way to transport anything is by airship. These mighty creations, amply equipped with six gun stations, must battle inclement weather and the vicious pirates that dot the skies. Players must cooperate to balance gunning down attackers and repairing their ship – without the right balance, your crew is dead and your cargo lost. As players progress they are able to upgrade their ship with more sophisticated weapons.

The game has an expansive single player campaign, as well as in-depth multiplayer. Taking advantage of the Muse Games infrastructure, players can easily invite friends by simply sending them a link to their current game and have it up and running in seconds. Best of all, there is no need for a console or handheld system to play – you just need a PC or Mac and an internet connection. There is simply no better way to procrastinate work during the day than with an epic Guns of Icarus battle!

Try Guns of Icarus for free at www.MuseGames.com or get unlimited access today for $8.

For more information, please visit www.MuseGames.com.

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