The Melee Heroes of Lost Saga

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Lost Saga is an action-packed fighting game that brings heroes from fantasy, science-fiction and history to life in an all-out-brawl for the ages. Players start by choosing from a wide variety of heroes, including everything from boxing champs to iron knights, pirates to ninjas, and even cowboys to dark shamans. Each hero comes with unique skills and abilities, and as players hone their battle skills and gain experience, their characters’ powers will grow.  

Iron Knight
With his mighty sword and strong armor, the Iron Knight is always on the front lines. A Triple Slash to Headbutt combo is a good way to disorient the enemy. While the enemy is confused, the Iron Knight’s team will rush to attack, boosted by his Haste Aura. This makes the Iron Knight a steadfast and strong opponent.
Boxing Champ
The Boxing Champ is a threatening melee hero with mighty, bone-crushing punches. He’ll approach his enemy like lightning and unleash multiple punches, finishing them off with the mighty Nuclear Punch. At times the Boxing Champ will show off his championship belt in order to intimidate his enemies. The Boxing champ tends to drive his enemies to the corner or off ledges, so make sure you’re not standing near the edge when you engage a Boxing Champ.
Shadow Assassin
If you’re looking for a hero that can stealth, stun and slash with murderous claws, you need the sneaky but deadly Shadow Assassin. He throws his bamboo hat at incoming foes and spits up a green, and rather disgusting, cloud of poisonous gas to blackout the target (there’s a rumor that it is actually his bad breath). His mighty triple-dash and combo attacks send stunned opponents into the air. These are the reasons why the Shadow Assassin is the number one to look out for when your HP is low.
Savage Berserker
The Savage Berserker is known as the one-shot wonder with his great two-handed sword. Like most heroes with two-handed weapons, each attack is extremely powerful. When enraged, he grows huge and increases his attack range by 50 percent. While enraged he makes an easy target for ranged heroes. The Savage Berserker will try to finish you off with a deadly charge.
Tao Warrior
Being a powerful melee hero with huge range, the Tao Warrior displays his greatest strength during the fiercest battles. He gathers spiritual energy to shake the ground below or knock down enemies ahead. His most deadly skill is to violently swing his spear to bring down enemies from all sides. The scroll he carries on his back is the Tao Warrior’s trump card. When he reads it he reduces the cooldown on all of his skills.

Stay tuned for more hero classes in the future!

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