Martial Heroes Lowers Prices Adds Items

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Listening carefully to their players’ wishes, Gamers Oxygen has lowered item prices in the MMORPG Martial Heroes. As of November 11th, all item prices DRAGON!will be lowered again. And adding to the price drop, GO credits will now have a permanent discount up to 25% (bonus credits). Additionally, players that upgrade their account with 1000 GO or more automatically participate to win one of the 100 packages of 1000 GO credits.

Along with the major price change is one of the coolest mounts ever: the dragon mount. The dragons are already saddled up, and ready to be taken to the battlefield. How better to celebrate the arrival of the dragons than with a free dragon event? Find the dragon eggs that are scattered around the empire of Martial Heroes and hatch them into your own dragon. But be quick, the event only lasts until December 2nd.

For the quick levelers out there they’ve bundled all the useful warfare potions and tags to get to that higher level a lot quicker. These bundles come in two varieties: the small Hero Set and the large Hero Set. The bundles contain various items like the Greater Jackpot Tags, Exp Tags, Fame Tags, popular Heroes Market`warfare potions and Lottery tickets. The best thing about these bundles is that they come in cheap bundle prices.

For the true explorers, they’ve got another surprise in store. Ever wondered what the trader behind the Heroes Market looked like? He finally settled down in the heart of Martial Heroes, Valley Village. Go pay him a visit and see what he has to offer.

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