Esteria Mythos Does Global Beta Test

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Esteria Mythos is an online game prepared by SeedC Korea and has now started global service with an Open beta test on Nov. 12.

The Fire of Kronos is revived to save Esteria Continent, the devastated human world in the game. It’s free to play and has already been commercialized since last June in Japan.

This global service open beta test will be targeted for users across the world centered on North America in English, and then the services will be sub-categorized by regions jointly with local publisher in future.

Providing the orthodox element of MMORPG that can be appealed to the first generation on-line game users under the slogan of Classicus MMORPG composed of funs capable of integrate all the users around the world into one with strong community system, Esteria Mythos is characterized with the advantage that it embodies beautiful graphic even though it can be driven in a general PC specification. Owing to such advantage it is expected to minimize unbalance that may take place from the difference in PC specification by regions in conducting global service, and more users could enjoy the game without any barrier to access.

CEO Stephen Choi said “SeedC Korea has already experienced the world market with MixMaster global service. We will make another myth that connects the users throughout the world into one under the motto that user is Priority," the CEO added revealing his will.

More details about Esteria Mythos can be obtained through

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