PETA Super Chicks Take on McCruelty in Parody Game

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New levels, new enemies, and a new power-up distinguish the latest installment of PETA’s popular Super Chick Sisters game. In PETA’s New Super Chick Sisters game, the villain, Evil Ronald McDonald, kidnaps Princess Pam (Pamela Anderson), eager to add her to his unhappy meals. When it turns out that Mario and Luigi are too busy creating video games to rescue her, super chicks Chickette and Nugget answer the call in this Super Mario Bros. parody.

PETA’s New Super Chick Sisters game has five levels—including "water," "space," and the hamburger patch—and is available in five languages. All five languages are also available in a kid-friendly version. At the water level, players become hairball-shooting "sea kittens." In space, they grapple with a gravity switch. Sprinkled throughout the five levels is information about PETA’s campaign targeting McDonald’s.

"Players who liked the first Super Chick Sisters should run, not walk their fingers over the keyboard to," says PETA Assistant Director of Marketing Joel Bartlett. "This sequel to our popular Super Chick Sisters game delivers a wink to Super Mario Bros. and a karate chop to McDonald’s."

McDonald’s American suppliers are under fire for using an outdated killing method that often causes birds to suffer the pain of broken wings and broken legs, to have their throats cut while they are still conscious, and to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks. PETA—along with members of McDonald’s own animal welfare advisory panel—has urged the company to upgrade its slaughter methods to eliminate the worst abuses that birds suffer by switching to a modern method that the company already uses in Europe.

For more information and to play the game, please visit PETA’s Web site or click here.

And you pretty much need a PC to play it, or is that be PC?

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