Command&Conquer 4 Release Date

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Command & Conquer 4 has a release date. EA recently announced that the next game in the series, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight,  will be available 19 March 2010 in Europe and 16 March 2010 in America.

Command & Conquer 4 takes the series in a different direction with less base-building and more focus on one single mobile, upgradeable building that produces all of your units (a la Halo Wars anyone?).

Additionally, the game should finish the Kane story line and hopefully we’ll find out all of what we’ve been waiting for.

Pre-order info has also been released


Be among the first to join in on 5 vs. 5 multiplayer mayhem and
provide the development team feedback! Let your voice be heard
and help the team make C&C4 the game you want it to be!

Command & Conquer 4 Original Soundtrack*

Experience the soundtrack to the final chapter of the Tiberium
saga, performed by the London Philharmonic!

Exclusive Access to Bonus Single Player Mission

Battle it out in an exclusive prequel mission that leads into the main storyline of Command & Conquer 4!

Autographed Headshot of Actor Joe "Kane" Kucan**

Get an autographed photo of the Dark Messiah, the Guinness Book of World Records’
"longest running actor in a video game series," available exclusively through Gamestop Online!

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