10 Million Xbox 360s in European Homes

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I just got a Czech press release from my friends in the Prague office of Ami Communications (local PR for Microsoft Xbox 360) that says there are over 10 million Xbox 360s now in homes across Europe.

It’s not such a huge number, if say the market were North America. But Europe, which does about the same number of people as North America, has always been a less active place for video games. Even people around here think there are far better things to do than to sit and play video games.

So to sell 10 million units is a pretty good milestone. For reference there are about, including the UK, 385 million people in the EU. So that’s about 2.6% Not too shabby Xbox, not too shabby at all.

If you’re interested, there’s the actual Czech press release available here at GDN as well.

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