GDN and Neverland Online Giving Away 1500 Novice Packs

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To kick off the second phase of open beta testing for Neverland Online, Oak Pacific Interactive and Gamers Daily News (That’s US again!) are teaming up to give away 1500 Novice Packs from November16-27.

Valued at $12 USD, each Novice Pack contains items that help players and in-game pets level up faster.

The Novice Pack contains:

  • Platinum Amulet*1 (Lv 8)
  • Double-exp Remedy(Rank 4)*2 (Lv 13)
  • Pets’ Talent Remedy(Lower level)*10 (Lv 18)
  • Pets’ double exp Remedy*2 (Lv 23)
  • Pet exp Book*1 (Lv 28)
  • Skill Proficiency Double Remedy (Rank 5)*3 (Lv 33)
  • Uncommon Pet Elixir (Rank 4)*5 (Lv 38)
  • HP Remedy around 500*10, MP Remedy around 500*10 (Lv 1)
  • Talent Remedy (Mid Lv)*5 (Lv 18)
  • HP Crystal (Small), MP Crystal (Small) (Lv 23)
  • MP Essence Chest (Lv 28)
  • HP Essence Chest (Lv 33)
  • Pet Life Crystal (Lv 38)

Note: Each item can be used at the level indicated in parentheses.

 How to Enter: Head over to the Official GDN Neverland Online Novice Pack Giveaway page and follow the instructions. By receiving a Novice Pack from GDN you are agreeing to signup for our monthly newsletter. You can at any time, remove yourself from our mailing list by using the unsubscribe button in the newsletter.


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