Ravensword RPG for iPhone Launches

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Leading publisher, Chillingo, has announced the release of its genre-defining new role-playing game, Ravensword: The Fallen King. Developed by Crescent Moon Games, the fantasy epic offers a unique experience to iPhone and iPod touch owners.
"Ravensword combines 3D action and RPG elements within rich, interactive environments," said Crescent Moon Games President, Josh Presseisen. “Monsters, quests, spells and weapons are all displayed within panoramic 3D environments to truly immerse gamers within a magical world of adventure.”
"Ravensword offers a game experience unlike anything seen before on the iPhone and the iPod touch," said Chillingo’s Head of Publishing, Johnny Coghlan. “Fans of adventure and fantasy have understandably been waiting for a game like this. The wait is over – they can dive into an adventure that they may never want to end.”
Game Features

  • Innovative 3D Action/Adventure/RPG hybrid gameplay in an open environment.
  • An engrossing high-fantasy story that will take hours to unravel.
  • An expansive 3D world filled with stunning locations and an entertaining cast of characters.
  •  Battle enemies such as Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and Demons using an optional auto-targeting interface.
  • Mighty weapons, items, and magical runes to purchase and uncover as your character gains wealth and experience.
  • Choice between first and third-person perspectives at the touch of a button.
  • Epic soundtrack and spatial 3D audio that puts you right in the action. Listen to the footsteps of creatures as they creep up next to you!
  • A clear inventory interface, combined with simple leveling and full auto-saves, ensuring pick-up-and-play.
  •  Ride a horse, practice shooting your bow, hunt animals in the forest – these are just a taste of the possibilities within Ravensword.
  • Secret areas, monsters, and treasures to keep you playing long after you’ve completed the main storyline.

Ravensword is available now from the iTunes App Store

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