Alganon Online Pre-orders Lets Almost Everyone in on Action

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Quest Online recently completed an international payment upgrade to the billing system. This upgrade will allow players from nearly ever country in the world the ability to pre-order Alganon in preparation for its December 1, 2009 launch date and gain all the bonuses that come with pre-ordering.

This upgrade also coincides with the beginning of "The Alganon Immortal Contest". This unique contest gives players a chance to create a permanent resident non-player character (NPC) in the world of Alganon. The winner will work with the design staff to come up with a reasonable name, history, and personality/disposition for the NPC. Humor, fun, and creativity are not only allowed, but endorsed.

The first member to obtain the below number of pre-order and subscription referrals will win the prize to design a NPC in the defined city. It is possible for one person to win multiple rewards. If a prize is not won by an individual obtaining the numbers, the first runner-up will win. If more than one person qualifies as a runner-up, the first person to obtain that runner-up number will win.

(25) Preorders with Standard Plan (Monthly)=Name 1 NPC in Greenvale or Adrok
(15) Preorders with Worthy Plan (3 month pre-paid)=Name 1 NPC in Westport or Phenos
(10) Preorders with Epic Plan (6 months pre-paid)=Name 1 NPC in Nazrun or Westshallow
(5) Preorders with Legendary Plan (12 months pre-paid)=Name 1 NPC in Asheran or Xanjuix Karr

The contest starts on Wednesday, November 17th, 2009 at 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST) and ends on Wednesday 25th, 2009 at Noon PST.

For full contest rules and details on how you can have a chance to become a permanent part of Alganon please visit the contest page

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