Square Enix Needs Money, Buy Gyromancer Downloads

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Hey you remember Gyromancer? Yes, the title that’s been available for two days. Well apparently they "forgot" to put some things in the game and have decided to make you pay extra for it. Yes, in infinitely bad taste, Square Enix has listed new downloadable content for a game that just released two days ago. These are things that were obviously ready when the game launched but they deemed too valuable to actually be put into the game. What are they you ask? Check below for details. But I would certainly not buy anything if you have just purchased the game less than 48 hours ago because if you do that, you will give them approval for their actions.


4 Item Packages allowing the purchase of additional in-game power up items. These battle items allow players to choose an appropriate item in accordance to the situation or enemy weaknesses to gain advantage.

Items include:


·         Removes the negative auras of your beast and the positive auras of your opponent.

·         Your beast’s positive auras are not affected.

Hock of Meat:

·         Immediately places your beast’s ability gems on the board.

Magick Mirror:

·         Reverses the direction of the ring cursor for one twist.

Magick Key:

·         Removes all locks from the board.

Gyromancer Map Pack

3 New Maps containing new monsters that you can make allies once defeated, with one map being home to the strongest monster in the game!

Maps include:

Dragon’s Haven:

·         Two dragons roam this difficult map allowing you to summon them both once the beasts are defeated.

Rivel’s Trial:

In this trial map, players can sharpen their skills in battle by taking on the “Stones” encountered in the story mode maps.

The Four:

This challenging map spans four areas. Three of these areas roam guardian monsters, with the final monster lurking in the fourth area. To reach the final monster, players must defeat the 3 guardian monsters in consecutive battles, destroying each of their seals. Defeating the guardian monsters will allow the player to summon these mighty creatures into battle!


  • Platforms:         Xbox LIVE Arcade (for Xbox 360) / STEAM (for PC)
  • Genre:              Puzzle-RPG
  • ESRB:              T (Teen)
  • Launch Date:     November 18th, 2009
  • Price:               
    • Item Pack – 40 Microsoft Points
    • Map Pack – 240 Microsoft Points                   

WHEN: November 20th, 2009

WHERE: Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 / STEAM

Obviously Square Enix is in dire, dire financial trouble. So much so that they had to not only withhold items and maps from the game, but they then had to charge you for them. In fact it’s so terrible at this point that they couldn’t even wait a decent amount of time like say a month, or even a week. Nope, just two whole days they waited to screw you over. That’s like Steve Jobs coming out a week after the iPhone launches and saying they forgot to put in the software for it to make phone calls and so now you have to pay for that update. No no, it does everything else, it just doesn’t make phone calls.

Extremely poor form Square Enix... Perhaps you should come out with 14 more Final Fantasy spinoffs if you need money?

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