Give your Christmas Tree Game with Controller Ornaments

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Nov 23, 2009 10:22

Christmas is coming, the Game controller ornamentsgoose is getting fat,

you’re a big gamer and you want people to know that. 

So why not take an extra step & decorate this year,

with these awesome ornaments, shaped like gaming gear?

Everyone will really know what it is you like,

No more useless presents such as an exercise bike.


Seriously, my father emailed me yesterday with a link to these Controller shaped Christmas Ornaments as he’s ever on the watch for ultra-cool tech and gaming stuff. These great ornaments were designed by Dave Rollins who decided to branch out from his digits designs and expand into gaming. I think every gamer should thank him by grabbing a set or three. Head over to to get yours.

Thanks for the heads up Technodad and keep up the great work. Gamers Daily News is one big family and we even press our family into service for the cause now and then (really he does it because he’s so cool). Now I just have to scrape together $20 and get myself a set of these.

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