Elemental Masters DSiWare Fantasy Card Game

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lbxgames, an innovative developer from Berlin, announces today Elemental Masters – a large fantasy card game for Nintendo DSiWare. Elemental Masters is one of the first DSiWare titles from Germany. The game will be available in December 2009 for approximately 500 Nintendo Points.

The fantasy card game has been developed for strategy- and roleplaying- gamers. With more than 70 creatures, 15 maps and 6 different spells, Elemental Masters offers over 10 hours of gameplay, which is pretty much for a DSiWare-Game. "Most DSiWare-Games offer just a few minutes of gameplay. With Elemental Masters we have a different approach. We want to deliver a high-class DSiWare experience with several hours of intense gameplay," says Fabian Thiele, CEO of lbxgames. "We are thrilled about the possibilities of the NDSiWare platform, because the digital distribution is a big chance for independent developers like us," Thiele adds.

In Elemental Masters the Nintendo DSiWare gamers start a journey full of magic and adventure. They even beat the hardest enemy with the strategic use of creature-cards, secret spells and the rules of dark magic. On a map consisting of three by three fields saturated with elemental-powers, hard fights over the future of the fantasy-world Elendior break out. Only the player with the best tactics and battle skills can reach the rank of an Elemental Master.

Elemental Masters is supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Expected Release: December 2009

Expected Price: 500 Nintendo Points (5,– €)

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