1C and UFO Series Join Good Old Games

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GOG.com (http://www.gog.com), the digital distribution outlet that resists the evils of DRM in its classic-PC-games offering, has once again signed an agreement to bring more Good Old Games to its extensive catalogue. The deal with 1C Company brings two parts of the sci-fi strategy series, UFO, with the first installment, UFO: Aftermath, now available at GOG.com for only $5.99.

The UFO series is a mix of real-time strategy and turn-based squad combat with RPG elements. The game takes place some time in the near future, when, out of nowhere, a giant spaceship approaches Earth and launches spores that cover the entire planet. As the leader of a handful people who survived the alien invasion, the player is the last hope for humanity, tasked with figuring out what really happened, and how to defeat the invaders. Players will research new weapons, build a network of bases, and recruit and train an army that they’ll lead to reclaim Earth from slimy clutches of aliens.

The UFO series represents a great mix of classic PC gameplay, an exceptional blend of real-time strategy, tactical combat and role-playing in a gripping sci-fi setting,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of GOG.com. “I’m sure fans of good, old games will feel right at home playing the series.”

The first part of the series, UFO: Aftermath, is already available for only $5.99, while UFO: Aftershock will be available soon for $9.99.

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