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The Gamers Daily News Race to 100 Event is in full swing. While the instant prizes have been won by Fan #100 Ruth Atchley and the friend that referred her, Oregon Slacker, there are still prizes to be had on Friday.

Here’s the deal:

Invite your friends to be a fan of GDN. When they become a fan they drop a comment on this note. That enters you and them into the contest.

What’s the prize?

Well I think we’ll give away something that almost all gamers need - MONEY! Alright not really money but we’ll give you a choice of:

  • Playstation Network Gift Card ($20)
  • Microsoft Xbox LIVE Points (1600)
  • Nintendo Points (2000)
  • Amazon $20 Gift Card

How’s it work?

Simple, invite friends to be fans. When those friends become fans they drop a comment here. That enters both you and them into the contest. The more friends you get to sign up as fans of GDN here on Facebook, the more chances you’ll have to win.


If your friend becomes fan #100 both you and they will automatically win and we’ll


give away prizes to one other pair of friends.

Yes, if your friend’s name is drawn you win as well. So if you have 10 friends sign up, that’s ten chances to win.

No Friends? Not a fan already?

No problem! Become a fan and enter the contest and you could win too, but really, everyone has got friends right?

This contest will run until Friday December 4th when we will draw winners and award prizes. But we must have 100 or more fans at the end of the week for someone to win (DONE!). That’s the whole point of the contest!

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