Gratuitous Space Battles Gets Gratuitous Expansion

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Positech Games dropped us a line to let us know about an expansion for their space shooter, Gratuitous Space Battles. The expansion features a new race, the Tribe, which are a race of galactic pacifists and hippies, hoping to live a dreamlike ’chillaxed’ existence between the stars. Depressed and generally given ’bad vibes’ by the existence of constant stellar war, they have decided to bring peace to the galaxy by the simple, clean and somewhat ironic route of total eradication of all other life forms.
The tribe is an expansion pack for Positech’s indie strategy game ’Gratuitous Space Battles’ for the PC. The pack adds an extra playable race to the game, complete with shiny new spaceships to blast apart in gratuitous slow motion. As well as new ship hulls, the game adds two new missions and a scattering of new tribe-specific modules to reflect their emphasis on ’strong hulls and weak shields’. It also introduces the first use of kinetic weapons.
The expansion pack can be installed by anyone with a full copy of the game (and the latest version at that), regardless of whether they bought it direct from the developer (Positech) or elsewhere. For more information head to
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