Who Would Buy a DVD of Free Games?

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We here at Gamers Daily News like digital delivery systems. Sites like GamersGate and Steam are the future of games. Legal peer-to-peer torrents are the future of massive MMO clients and pretty much everyone downloads games of one type or another. But one company wants you to embrace a different kind of digital delivery system,  the ON!DVD Online POWERPAK.

GMG Entertainment announced today the release of ON!DVD, an innovative new entertainment product designed to let consumers select, install and share the newest and most popular free-to-play online games from one easy to use DVD. 

The release of ON!DVD creates a new page for online games by offering consumers an alternative method to access the games they love without battling slow download speeds and gigantic file sizes.

So wait, it’s a DVD with multiple free-to-play games on it and this is innovative? I think the first time I played Diner Dash it came on a DVD that said "share this with your friends." How is this either innovative or different?

They expect you to pay for a DVD full of FREE games. Yes, folks, pay for something you can get for free. The really funny thing is that all of the games on the DVD are MMOs so if you have a connection that can handle downloading the game, how would you play it?! It almost seems like their target demographic is unwitting parents and ill-informed people who might think "Gee, a DVD full of cool looking games for a good price, I should buy this for my niece/nephew/son/daughter."  It seems retailers are wary of the ’service’ as well since the only place that’s signed up from the looks of things is Target.

I am aghast, truly! It not only seems dodgy, but it could also draw away from limited editions, boxed sets and other forms of media that those same MMO companies are selling and trying to make money from.

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