Ski Challenge 10 Opens Internationally

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Once again the next release of Ski Challenge, SC:10, has come packed with unique features including new runs, improved usability, upgraded graphics and sound, a MAC version and a chat client enabling gamers to communicate during the game. Ski Challenge is also back in mobile form and this year is making its debut on the iPhone.
Some 260 million online races and a total of around 600 million races were registered last season. As a result, Ski Challenge has become ‘the world’s biggest ski race’ since its humble beginnings back in 2005, now boasting six million gamers worldwide.
This season’s edition was downloaded over one million times within the first week of the official launch.
Alongside large seasonal campaigns, this year’s game has been financed for the first time by a dynamic In-Game Advertising model, which allows partners to book flexible campaigns on the basis of national CPM prices – even for limited durations.

To be a part of the year’s biggest virtual sporting event simply visit and take to the piste.

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