Open Beta for Acclaim’s Ninja Clans MMO

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Acclaim Games has recently announced the Open Beta release of Ninja Clans, a free to play MMO   set in the imaginary world of Issun. The game is targeted at casual gamers who want to experience an imaginary world, learn new fighting skills, and build relationships with friends. So it’s sort of like real life, but imaginary.

The game is browser-based, as are many others, so there’s nothing to install

In the Ninja Clans game, there is a mysterious land in the orient called Issun that has a large and complicated terrain. One prominent characteristic of Issun is that everyone has a big head but very small body only 1 inch in height, just like a bean. All the people in this land are Ninjas with a special passion for life!

As a Ninja, players can participate in amazing combat scenes and show their unique fighting skills. They can make a lot of friends and collaborate with them, exchanging knowledge and tips. Through mutual help and the unique skills that each player brings to play, everyone has a great experience and builds sportsmanship through cooperation. Players can access an incredible array of items, outfits, weapons and Dougu you can use to dominate your Ninja Clans opponents.

Players can register and play for free by visiting


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