Ontario Funding Almost 33% of New Ubisoft Toronto Studio

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It makes you wonder if Ubisoft chose Toronto because of the infrastructure, the large pool of highy-talented people in the city, or the massive amount of cash that the Province of Ontario dropped on them doesn’t it?

The Province of Ontario is contributing CDN$263 million to help finance Ubisoft’s Toronto studio investment, which is expected to total nearly $800 million - some proof that the province of Ontario is serious about attracting global gaming and digital media companies. Sounds suspicious when they put it that way doesn’t it?
The Ontario Technology Corridor (OTC) employs nearly 272,000 people among 6,700 companies in five urban regions. Representatives are attending Game Connection Europe, in Lyon, France, to promote Ontario’s abundant digital creative talent, targeted business incentives, low business taxes, European-style universal healthcare, cultural diversity, plus lower-cost, more stable housing markets than in many U.S. cities.

It certainly seems that there are other benefits to the area but I wonder how much money other companies received to move there? Paying a full third of a company’s project to move to the area seems, well excessive to say the least. So I’m curious of other companies have received funds proportionate to that.

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